Tri-Athletics Training Center

Welcome to Tri-Athletics! Tri-Athletics is the newest athletic training center in the Triangle! We are excited to introduce our program this season! Our program is designed to produce great athletes who will be confident, respectful, and maintain important values. At Tri-Athletics, we believe cheerleading can be utilized for athletes to gain confidence in a team environment. We also feel setting goals will aide athletes in reaching their maximum potential. Our commitment will focus on each and every athlete to become elite cheerleaders and a better person.

We have a systematic approach that will assist any individuals who want to cheer after high school. We will guide all interested athletes into achieving this goal. While we are VERY excited about our North Carolina State University affiliation and have personal connections there, we understand our athletes will have other colleges of choice that we can assist them with. We will assist any athlete who wants to cheer at the collegiate level in the country!

Each Coach and staff member at Tri-Athletics will provide a loving, passionate, positive atmosphere. We assure you that our staff is strongly devoted to our mission and athletes on EVERY level. Our coaching staff will have their respective certification. (USASF, CPR)

With the expertise of our coaches and staff, our creative vision, and our North Carolina State University affiliation, we will create a top-notch program!

We’re very excited to have you as part of our Tri-Athletics family! Rest assured that we’re all devoted to our principles and guided by our mission statement:  "To provide a positive and creative atmosphere that inspires and mentors athletes”

Phone: 919-342-TRI1
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parent Testimonials

  • I love how thorough you are in teaching these girls.
    - Emma Wilson

  • It was an amazing workout for my daughter and the atmosphere is amazing here!
    - Elyse Zipprich

  • Thank you everyone! We had a great night!
    - Kristal Gaydon

  • Cant believe Kayla finally threw her back handspring!!!! Thanks for making her feel special!
    - Ryan Strevig