Tri-Athletics Training Center


Welcome to Tri-Athletics!

The premier athletic training center in the Triangle for All Star cheerleading,
school cheer prep, 
tumbling and hip-hop dance!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Senior Small Coed Level 5 Team for their recent achievement: Overall GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONS at our recent competition, Holiday Cheers to You 2014 in Raleigh, NC. This team, along with our Senior Coed Level 4 team, won Grand Champions for their respective levels, and our Youth Level 2 and Senior Coed Level 4 teams also won Best Choreography! Way to go TRI!

 Sophomore Year Make It Clear! Tri Athletics opened its doors in 2013 and in our first All Star Cheerleading season our Level 5 team received a bid to Worlds! We also won numerous grand national championships. Come check out what we've got planned for this year - you don't know if you don't TRI!



TRI Day Week 1

TRI Day Week 2

The Tri-Athletics Project


Phone: 919-342-TRI1

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Parent Testimonials

  • I love how thorough you are in teaching these girls.
    - Emma Wilson

  • It was an amazing workout for my daughter and the atmosphere is amazing here!
    - Elyse Zipprich

  • Thank you everyone! We had a great night!
    - Kristal Gaydon

  • Cant believe Kayla finally threw her back handspring!!!! Thanks for making her feel special!
    - Ryan Strevig