Tryout Information


The selection and sorting of new athletes will be through an assessment of their tumbling abilities. Once we have gauged each athlete’s tumbling ability, we will then sort according to the stunt abilities to determine which team best fits their skill level. Initial teams and their levels will be announced at the end of May.

To ensure we have the most competitive teams, we will practice by age and level for the first few weeks. During this time, we will further evaluate the athletes and may make some changes to the composition of each team to ensure that we have the best stunt groups, tumblers, and dancers together on the appropriate team for each level. Final team assignments will be made at the end of the summer.  NO TEAMS WILL BE FINAL UNTIL AFTER THE SUMMER. We may practice teams with more than the total allowed.

Please understand that while skill is a huge factor during this process, commitment is also very important. We need our athletes to be present for practice and actively participating all summer so that we can accurately gauge their abilities and match them with the appropriate teams. 

Also, be aware that we strive to develop, and challenge our athletes to be fully rounded team members. Please understand some kids may fly on one team and base on another.  The very best cheerleaders in the country can do everything! Diversity is important and it makes your athlete a more valuable member of the team.

**Tryouts are closed to all parents and spectators**